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Thorough Subsurface Utility Investigations

Choose a team who performs detailed utility investigations with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. We use transmitters, receivers, GPR units, magnetometers, and traceable rodders to find all conductive and non-conductive utility lines.

underground utility location service near Fontana, CA
underground utility location service near Fontana, CA

Utility Locating Clearance For Upcoming Work

Across the U.S., hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of utility lines build our infrastructure. Before any construction work begins on your property, it’s crucial to locate those critical lines that can conflict with your planned project site.


From water, sewer, and natural gas lines to telecommunication and electricity lines, we can help you find or relocate your underground utilities in a safe and efficient way. Call for your free consultation to get started.

Conductive Utility Line Locating/Remarking

Non-Conductive Utility Line Locating/Remarking

Water Lines

Natural Gas Line

Electrical Lines

Telecommunication Lines

Sewer Lines

Area and Storm Drain Pipes

A Seamless Private Underground Utility Locating Experience For Clients

Enjoy an end-to-end client experience where you get seamless communication, thoughtful budgeting, on-site excellence, and outstanding workmanship every single time. As a dependable and respectful team, we’re dedicated to helping you locate and remark underground utilities while understanding how to work around them for future projects. Call to get a consultation and learn more about where your underground infrastructure lies.

Prevent Accidental Utility Line Damage

Dangerous utility line damage results in billions of dollars in monetary losses every year. Keep fatal injuries, line strikes, and utility accidents at bay with a professional underground utility locating team.

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